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June’s Biggest Memes and Trends (And What We Can Learn from Them) 

Shelby Cron Boyd
July 5, 2024

But what is it about these trends that makes them stand out? Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent trends and memes of June 2024 to find out.

#1: “Is Somebody Gonna Match My Freak?”

#2: “Please, Please, Please” by Sabrina Carpenter


I cannot believe @Mermeg made me look this GOOD😭🙌🏻 Spending the day at Butterfly Loft Salon today with @DangerJonesCreative was absolutely incredible ❤️‍🔥 #transformation #hair #california

♬ sabrina please please please – iman .ᐟ⋆.✶

#3: “Take a Look Around”

Here’s an example of how one creator utilized this template to portray a very common relationship ailment:

Some creators even took it a step further and filmed their own lip syncing video to really drive their point home. Here are a couple of those:

After all, “fundamentals are the building blocks of fun.” (That’s a quote from the movie. Seriously, you should watch it.) This trend, as we mentioned earlier, holds the relatability and accessibility that many users prefer to use to create quick viral material. It also takes advantage of the internet’s love for early 2000’s pop culture, specifically nostalgic movies set in a big city. (It’s just the rules.) 

#4: Your Favorite Artist’s Favorite Artist

As we know, LGBTQIA+ Pride isn’t just reserved for June. Whether you’re a member of the community or you’re cheering from the sidelines as an ally, you better hop on the Chappell Roan express because she is on course to taking over the pop scene. The hype isn’t dying down anytime soon and these brilliantly campy tunes are just what your content needs to spread the love and reach new heights!

So that’s the tea on June 2024. These trends not only provide a playful reflection of our shared experiences and humor, they also present refreshing new ways to keep our audiences locked in and loyal to our content. As you search for inspo in the coming months, keep an eye out for opportunities to capitalize on nostalgia bites, easily customizable templates, and instant hits from beloved artists. 

That’s it for now. Stay trendy! ✨

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