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Our story begins in 2020 - that's right, in the middle of a global pandemic. After leaving a small startup, our co-founder and CEO Lauren Patterson was ready for her next adventure when a former client called looking for help. One client turned into two, and soon Lauren and husband/co-founder John Patterson took the leap to co-found That RANDOM Agency to bring something new - a bespoke approach to marketing that takes a truly empathetic stance for clients and their stakeholders. As a family business, Lauren and John have grown their agency and their lives together. This gives them unique perspective for clients who need a true partner in marketing their business. 

RANDOM has grown quickly and purposefully, curating a talented crew with sharp minds and kind hearts. The team has done incredible digital work for small business owners and Fortune 500 brands alike.

our mission

Our mission at That RANDOM Agency is to harness the power of data, empathy, and curiosity to build
meaningful connections. We strive to communicate effectively with our clients, resonate deeply with our
audiences, and enrich the lives of our partners and team. Through our commitment to these principles,
we aim to elevate every interaction and project, ensuring impactful and lasting relationships in the digital and social landscapes.
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core values

At That RANDOM Agency, our core values are the guiding stars that shape our ethos and every action we take. They reflect our dedication to creating technology with a human touch, fostering trust through transparency, and embracing the power of collective knowledge. These values not only define us but drive us forward, ensuring that every strategy, solution, and partnership is infused with empathy, accountability, curiosity, and collaboration.



We lead with a blend of knowledge and enthusiasm, embracing our responsibilities with lighthearted diligence. We're proactive in our steps and reflective in our journey, celebrating our successes and learning from our missteps with equal gratitude.



Trust is the cornerstone of our digital ethos. We build it through consistent actions and honest dialogue, much like a reliable friend who’s always there. Our interactions are as steadfast as they are spirited, setting the stage for enduring partnerships.



With a spirit of playful curiosity, we navigate the digital landscape by putting people first. Our love for innovation is rivaled only by our commitment to empathy. We engage genuinely, listen attentively, and ensure our solutions resonate on a human level.



Our curiosity is guided by a vibrant
imagination and grounded in strategic
thought. We explore new possibilities with an optimistic outlook and a disciplined approach, finding joy in the journey of innovation and the exciting path of discovery



We see collaboration as an opportunity for collective knowledge to shine. With a camaraderie that’s both cheerful and earnest, we bring together diverse ideas to forge solutions that are as
effective as they are inspiring. Every collaboration is a chance to learn, grow, and succeed together.

Random People

Our team is more than just a group of digital marketers; we're a diverse family of creative thinkers, problem solvers, and storytellers dedicated to making your brand shine. United by our passion for innovation and driven by a common goal to deliver exceptional results, we blend expertise and creativity to craft strategies that resonate. Each member brings a unique perspective and skill set, ensuring that our collective efforts are as dynamic and multifaceted as the brands we champion. Together, we turn ideas into impactful digital experiences, fostering connections that last.

Headshot of Lauren Patterson
Co-Founder & CEO


Headshot for John Patterson
Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer

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Headshot of Ryan Allen
Director of Marketing

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Headshot of Stefany Graves
Account Executive

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Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

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Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

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Digital Marketing Specialist

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Digital Marketing Specialist

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Headshot for Brandon Kim
senior DATA Analyst

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Headshot for Cristin McGrath
Director of Business Development

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Web ux developer

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PR Consultant

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Digital media Intern

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Connect with the minds behind the magic. Whether you've got a question, a brilliant idea, or just want to chat about the digital cosmos, we're all ears and full of insights. Drop us a line, and let's start a conversation that could transform your brand's story. 

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