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What Should I Post on LinkedIn? Engaging Post Formats to Try

March 27, 2023

LinkedIn is no longer a simple networking site where you only post when you’re looking for a job. Today, in 2023, LinkedIn is used to share ideas, information, and useful content from all types of industry.

But with over 900 million users, posting on LinkedIn can be intimidating. New users often struggle figuring out what to post. If that’s the case for you, we’re here for you. Here are a few engaging post ideas to help you stand out!

Carousel Posts

Carousels work great on LinkedIn because it’s a simple, digestible way to share your expertise on something. Not only are they simple to consume, but they’re more interactive than a typical image post. LinkedIn influencers have been using carousels for a while now, but these posts are just as engaging as ever.

Carousels are a great way to showcase products, ideas, tips, and any other helpful information in a visual format.

Text-Only Listicles

Text-only posts have a huge impact on LinkedIn. Even in a world where videos and branded images are meant to catch our eye, text-only posts seem to perform very well on LinkedIn. Maybe it’s because these posts seem more authentic and intimate to audiences.

Whatever the reason, breaking up text-only posts into listicles is a great way to share tips, hacks, or something you’ve learned recently.

LinkedIn Polls

LinkedIn Polls are probably the most simple posts to interact with. In essence, it’s just a post with a question and some buttons. Everyone likes sharing their opinion on topics whether they be controversial or trivial. This is not only a great way to get increased engagement, but also a great tool to learn what your LinkedIn network thinks about a certain topic.

Personal Stories

Sharing a story from your own life is a great way to connect with your network on LinkedIn. You just need to make sure that it is something that offers value to whoever reads this. Posts like this don’t even have to be centered around employment or work-related things.

I have seen dozens of personal story posts that deal with subjects about family, community, personal struggle, etc. The purpose of these posts is to show your values and personality, all while inspiring/entertaining your network.

Need additional help beefing up your LinkedIn game? Shoot us a message to get started!

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