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The Power of (Canva) Brand Kits

September 15, 2022

Canva is quite possibly THE most popular tool when it comes to quick, easy, and efficient online design tools. If you don’t already know about it, you’re about to. In 2021, Canva had over 75 million users who used the platform for whatever reason it may be. The program is popular with (you guessed it) content creators, students, small businesses, and more. Although anyone can sign up for a free Canva account, there are several paid package options with upgrades.  

So, let’s say you’re a Canva Pro Member. But are you really utilizing all the features Canva offers? One key feature us avid users might not be taking advantage of is the ability to build a ‘Brand Kit’ directly into your team’s space! The good news is, now you know about it. And some even better news is we’re about to dive into the pros of Canva Brand Kits and the best practices when using them. 

The Basic Brand Kit

There are three main features you’re able to utilize in a brand kit: logos, fonts, and colors. 

1. Logos

Logos Icon in Canva

Tired of uploading your logo every time you need to use it? Or scrolling through your recent uploads trying to find it? Here’s your solution. With the brand kit feature, you’re able to upload your logo and any other version of it you may need right to your brand kit. After uploading your logo(s), they’ll be readily available to you in the ˜Logos’ section of your utility bar (as shown to the right). 

PSA: If you manage multiple clients with various logos, this just might be your hail mary. 

2. Fonts

We can’t tell you just how many fonts are in Canva, and who knows the amount that aren’t. The majority of brands have their favorite fonts, but who wants to find those fonts every time you go to use them? Not us! 

Another great feature of Canva Brand Kits is the ability to pick fonts for your kit that will always be available to you when you look for them. In addition, as a pro member you can upload your own fonts if Canva doesn’t have them available to you. 

3. Colors

Styles Icon in Canva

Just as we mentioned before, the same goes for colors. There is an endless number of colors to choose from and, again, every brand usually has a few colors in their palette. This is a great addition to the brand kit, as you’re always able to find just the right shade of the color you need to match your brand when creating content. When you’re creating content, find your way to the ‘Styles’ section of your utility bar and your brand kit colors will be there for you. 

Brand Color in Canva Example

For content creators, such as our Social Media Specialists, this is a great feature when creating content for multiple brands. The Canva Brand Kit allows us to separate our clients’ brand colors, similar to the one you see for Random, and we can easily find our clients’ brand colors to use for content creation. We LOVE a brand kit. 

4. Templates

A newer addition to the Canva Brand Kit is the ability to create pre-approved branded templates to help your team stay ‘on brand’ when creating content. Creators within your team on Canva have access to these templates which can be especially useful for business owners who use freelancers or are starting to grow their social media team. By utilizing the brand template option, your team will have an easier time staying consistent with your style guide and your feed will thank you! 

The Canva Brand Kit can be a major life – no, TIME – saver. No more scrolling endlessly through your files, memorizing font names, or referring back to your internal brand style guide to find that identical hex code. 

Love the idea of creating content with Canva for your brand but not so sure you want to take on the task? Contact us! Our Social Media Specialists are expert Canva users and know just how to help to give your brand a level-up.

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