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How to Use Social Media for Hiring

August 12, 2022

When seeking new employees, sharing open positions on classified pages, Glassdoor, Monster, and other job boards are obvious first steps. Increasingly, however, brands and small businesses are finding success seeking new team members through social media.

According to recent surveys conducted by Glassdoor and Monster, 84% of employers are already using social media as a recruitment tool, and 85% of employers have found that social media helps them connect with passive job seekers.

LinkedIn remains the social media giant of the hiring process“but many businesses find additional success cross-posting on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other mediums.

How can you leverage your social media presence to recruit the best candidates possible?

1. Create eye-catching graphics.

Share the news that you’re hiring across all your social media channels! Link out to the full information about qualifications, benefits, and application portals – a social media post is an opportunity to garner interest, attention, and share a few enticing tidbits about the position, rather than a place to share all relevant legal information.

2. Connect with your current employees.

Build your company’s network by connecting with your employees, with their consent, across platforms. Encourage your employees (especially if they love working with you!) to share your hiring post on their channels, and to even add their own opinions and testimonials. You can incentivize employees with rewards for sharing or producing leads. 

3. Utilize video content.

Give potential new team members a video tour of your company, process, and introduce them to your current crew. Video content, statistically, performs well across social media platforms. Are you a young company? Fast-paced? Hands-on? Use video content to help develop your company identity so potential employees know exactly what you’re about, and so you can attract the right talent. Check out an example from KO Studio on TikTok below.

4. Highlight your company’s strengths.

What are aspects of your employee experience, company ethos, or workplace culture of which you’re particularly proud? Highlight them on social media! Many young employees are looking not only for a company to pay them well, but for a company to offer benefits, healthy work culture, and perks. Share your company’s best features across platforms.

Whether you’re actively hiring or open to passive job seekers, building your company’s social media presence will help generate leads and connect you to the best people for the job!

Curious about increasing your business’s social presence? That Random Agency is here to help. Shoot us a message below!

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