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Random Round Up: Social Media News and Updates, June 2024

Kristin Fang
July 1, 2024

With the ever-changing world that is social media, staying up-to-date can feel like a full-time job. With social platforms like TikTok, Meta, and YouTube constantly introducing new features, it’s easy to fall behind. But don’t worry, we’re here to keep you in the loop. Here’s a rundown of the biggest social media news from June.

1. Instagram Testing Unskippable Video Ads

Instagram is experimenting with a new ad format designed to capture users’ full attention. This involves unskippable video ads on the main feed that users must watch in their entirety before they can continue scrolling.

The new feature was spotted by Instagram app user, Dan Levy, who posted a screenshot of the “ad break” to his X account.

While these ads guarantee full attention, they may not be popular among users. Similar to YouTube’s unskippable ads, they could understandably lead to frustration and an increased use of ad blockers. But, Instagram likely sees this as an opportunity to integrate more ads, especially with the rise in AI-recommended content. Brands will, of course, love it. 

2. Meta Introduces AI-Powered Tools to Boost Customer Engagement in DMs

Meta is enhancing its Messenger platform with new AI-driven tools aimed at making brand/customer interactions smoother and more personal. This includes an AI Q&A feature to tackle the most common questions businesses receive on Messenger. This tool delivers custom, automated responses that feel like you’re chatting with a human, thanks to Meta’s Llama 3. 

Image source: Meta for Business

Meta is also rolling out a new messaging promotion option. Brands can now send paid promotional messages to users who’ve opted in, right through Ads Manager. This development offers more chances for ongoing engagement directly in the inbox. By tapping into the rising trend of private messaging, Meta is opening up fresh avenues for brands to connect with their audience in a more engaging and efficient way.

3. YouTube is Experimenting with Community Notes

YouTube just announced they’re testing a feature that lets users add their own notes to videos to provide “relevant, timely, and easy-to-understand context.” 

Image source: YouTube Official Blog

Sound familiar? It’s a lot like X’s Community Notes, giving viewers the power to attach their insights directly to YouTube clips.

Helpful notes, as rated by users, will appear publicly under videos. An algorithm will decide which notes make the cut based on their ratings. This move essentially brings the Community Notes concept to YouTube, letting viewers add context and verify video claims. 

4. Instagram Introduces Close Friends-Only Live Streams

Instagram’s doubling down on intimate group chats with the introduction of Close Friends on Instagram Live, a new feature that allows users to live stream with up to three other people, visible only to those on their Close Friends list. 

Image source: Instagram

Live video has become a must-have connection tool, especially for younger users. Think DM video chats, TikTok Live, or even the controversial Omegle platform. Instagram’s tapping into this, and this move aligns with the platform’s trend towards private sharing, as seen with the growing Notes feature.  

5. LinkedIn’s New AI Tools to Help Job Seekers

LinkedIn is upping its game with new AI-driven tools to help job seekers, likely thanks to its parent company Microsoft’s major AI investments. Premium subscribers can now access features like conversational job search, AI-based application feedback, and cover letter assistance. These tools aim to streamline your job hunt, offering helpful feedback and guidance. However, there’s a concern that some users might over-rely on these tools, potentially misrepresenting their skills and qualifications.

Image source: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is also introducing AI-powered career coaching for instant expert advice and adding up to 60 new LinkedIn Learning courses each week, including over 800 AI courses.

While these tools mean new opportunities, they also pose challenges for recruiters to discern genuine skills from automated ones. Nonetheless, LinkedIn is betting on AI to enhance your professional journey.

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