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May’s Biggest Memes and Trends (And What We Can Learn from Them)

Shelby Cron Boyd
June 4, 2024

May created a whirlwind of digital creativity and cultural topics, marked by major earworms and easily-recreated memes that have captivated online users. From viral TikTok challenges to thought-provoking X threads, the Internet’s collective consciousness has once again demonstrated its unparalleled ability to reflect, shape, and satirize contemporary life. But why are these trendy visuals and sounds so impactful? Let’s dive into the most prominent trends and memes of May 2024 and pinpoint what it is that has us “working laaaaate” to stay trendy.

#1: Espresso by Sabrina Carpenter

In case you didn’t catch it, the end of the last paragraph was a not-so-subtle nod to everybody’s guilty pleasure song, “Espresso” by Sabrina Carpenter. After it dropped in early April, Carpenter’s catchy single quickly grabbed online users and morphed into a top trend over the past couple of months. Particularly notable lyrics that caught fire and proved effective came from the beginning of the second verse:

“I’m working late,

‘Cause I’m a singer

Oh, he looks so cute

Wrapped ‘round my finger.”

While it may not read as anything groundbreaking, anybody living online in 2024 will be able to tell you for years to come about the widespread effect of this catchy tune. Here are some examples of online users who included Sabrina’s song in their content:

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A post shared by Brooklyn and Bailey (@brooklynandbailey)

Here’s why it’ll “Mountain Dew it” for your content:
  1. The obvious reason: It’s catchy AF. It’s stuck in everybody’s head and, as any content creator knows, a good trending audio increases your chances of reach and engagement. Plus, it’s easy to dance to, which tends to attract the TikTok dancers and folks with good vibes.
  2. It contains relatable lyrics (or rather easily replaceable words) that can apply to a general audience. “I’m working late… ‘cause I’m a ______” holds endless possibilities for a variety of job titles, niches, and groups.

#2: Met Gala

For a certain (rather broad) sector of Internetdom, the first Monday in May is a big deal. Every year, some of the largest names in the entertainment industry walk the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City to flaunt their elaborate designer looks in benefit of the museum’s Costume Institute.

“What does this have to do with a little ol’ content creator like me”, you ask? Everything! While the time may have passed to benefit from any red carpet memes this time around, the chuckle-inducing posts below serve as a valuable reminder to capitalize on major pop culture events like the Met Gala:

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A post shared by Corporate Bish (@corporatebish)

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A post shared by Betches Media (@betches)

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A post shared by Betches Media (@betches)

Here’s why red carpets are green to go:
  1. People like celebrities (even if they don’t like them). The Internet tends to flock to every major red carpet event for hot gossip, industry news, and show-stopping looks regarding the celebrities that intrigue them.
  2. People also like any chance to humanize untouchable celebs with relatable “average Joe” humor. There’s something that scratches an itch in our brains when we can find a way to relate a billionaire’s photo to our mundane, everyday problems. (It’s sad but it’s true.)

#3: King Charles Portrait Reveal

Everybody loves a good CapCut template. This month, a top meme that surfaced was King Charles’ anticlimactic curtain-drop reveal of a large portrait of himself. The Internet, of course, immediately took action and created a CapCut template allowing users to place whatever their heart desires inside the large, ornate frame as an amusing way to showcase something that matters to them.

This was capitalized upon by many users wishing to show off a finished project, their own selfie, or a cute pic of their pet. Here’s an example of how someone used CapCut to add a cute singing cat edit into this otherwise normal video:

Here’s why it was a royal success:
  1. The Internet loves to poke fun at world leaders and make their unordinary circumstances fit their ordinary lives.
  2. People love any chance to take a meme they wish they’d come up with and personalize it with their version of what fits the template best.

#4: Chauffeur? Chauffeur.

A silly AI-generated tune called The Chat Shenanigans surfaced in April and really caught on in May, creating a goofy, relatable meme to compare two different ways of doing things or two different definitions of something. Check out some examples below:


Stae into the void till scilence becomes loud #itsiceithink #alt #insomnia

♬ Originalton – Chat Music

Please tell me im not the only one that uses grocery bags like this😭

♬ Originalton – Chat Music
Here’s why this fancy-pants meme works so well:
  1. We all have different definitions and ways of doing things. It probably wouldn’t take any content creator more than a few minutes to think of a time they ran into a situation like the ones above. This trending audio sets up a rather broad scope for relatable meme creation, providing a greater opportunity for reach and engagement.
  2. Once again, a catchy tune will win the day. We’ve personally got a rotation of “Espresso” and “The Chat Shenanigans” running around in our brain… Oh, and that “I’m Looking For a Man in Finance” sound. But that’s for another time.

And there you have it — May 2024 in all its meme-filled, trendsetting glory. From Sabrina Carpenter’s catchy “Espresso” to the ever-glamorous Met Gala memes, King Charles’ portrait reveal antics, and the whimsical Chauffeur tune, this month has shown us just how creative and diverse Internet culture can be.

These trends not only entertain but also offer a light-hearted mirror reflecting our collective experiences and humor. In your month-to-month research for eye- and ear-catching content, remember to look for big events, easily copied/customized templates, and instant classics by the world’s favorite artists. That’s all for now. Stay trendy!

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