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Random Round Up: Social Media News and Updates, May 2024

Kristin Fang
June 3, 2024

With another month comes another wave of changes to social media. Here at That Random Agency, we’re dedicated to keeping you in the loop with the latest updates. So, let’s dive into what’s new and exciting on our apps. 

1. X is Saying Goodbye to the “Likes” Tab

    X plans to hide post likes across the platform. That’s right — the “Likes” tab on profiles will soon vanish, meaning you won’t be able to see what users have given approval to. X engineer Haofei Wang explained, “Public likes are incentivizing the wrong behavior. For example, many people feel discouraged from liking content that may be ‘edgy’ in fear of retaliation from trolls, or to protect their public image.” 

    Here’s our question: Why would anyone “like” something they wouldn’t want associated with their profile? This change seems like it could open the door to promoting darker, more controversial content under the guise of privacy, potentially leading to a more radicalized feed. While Elon Musk’s own history of liking controversial posts might explain this move, it raises questions about the future direction of X. 

    2. UMG is Back on TikTok

      The three-month long standoff between Universal Music Group (UMG) and TikTok over royalty payments and AI policies has finally come to an end. The label’s music is back on the platform, thanks to a new deal that promises better remuneration for UMG’s artists, new promotional opportunities, and protections against AI. 

      Lucian Grainge, UMG’s chairman and CEO, celebrated the agreement as a new chapter that emphasizes the value of music and welfare of the creative community. And honestly…he couldn’t be more right. With new music from beloved artists like Ariana Grande or Taylor Swift dropping in the last couple months, we’re relieved. 

      3. Instagram Updates That Help Small Creators Break Out

        Instagram announced several major changes to its algorithm to give creators a fairer chance at reaching new audiences. These include:

        • A new ranking input to provide smaller creators with more distribution.
          •  This will give creators more opportunities to maximize their reach by showing content to non-followers. 
        • Recommending original content over reshared posts. A label linking to the original creator will be added to reshared content.
          • By prioritizing original content, this will encourage creativity and innovation, giving creators the confidence that their work will ultimately be recognized and accredited. 
        • Accounts that frequently repost content that they didn’t enhance will not be recommended.
          • For smaller creators, this means less competition from recycled content and credit where due. Say bye to content thieves!

        Definitely a win for creators, and kudos to Instagram for championing originality. These changes will not only support smaller creators but also ensure we get fresher and more diverse content in our feeds. 

        4. Instagram Might Be Expanding Notes to Feed Posts and Reels

          Instagram is at it again, testing a new feature that lets users add Notes to feed posts and Reels (if you’re unfamiliar, Notes can be found in your direct messages, underneath the search bar). Indeed, IG seems to be pushing for Notes everywhere…having just recently added the option on profiles.

          Image source: @permolity on Threads 

          While some users are annoyed by the development of features they don’t use, it’s clear that Instagram is targeting younger audiences who seem to enjoy Notes. With competition from TikTok and Snapchat, Instagram is definitely looking for ways to keep engagement high and spark conversations within the app.

          5. Threads is Catching Up to X with a New Chronological Feed feature

            Threads is introducing a new feature that allows users to add a chronological filter within search results, a move that brings it closer to being a true X replacement. As Threads Chief Adam Mosseri announced, the new “Recent” tab will allow users to view the most up-to-date posts, making it easier to follow real-time events like sports. 

            This update is quite crucial for Threads which, despite its growth to 150 million monthly active users, has seen its momentum slow down. With real-time discovery elements, Threads aims to boost engagement and user growth.

            As always, stay tuned for more social media news and insights as they come. If you want to collaborate with experts who stay ahead of the curve, get in touch with us at Random!

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