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Top 5 Must-Read Newsletters for Social Media Marketers in 2024

May 23, 2024

In the vast, barren wasteland of your email inbox — where monotony reigns supreme with endless updates, promos, and snooze-worthy messages — emerges a beacon of hope: newsletters.

But not just any newsletters — engaging, insightful, and actually interesting newsletters. We’ve compiled a list of social-focused newsletters that will be sure to inspire you or at least give you a much-needed break while you doom-scrolling your inbox. Let’s dive in!

Graphic of smartphones with popular newsletters.

1. Social Media Today

Why It’s Awesome:
When social media news breaks out you can bet that Social Media Today is always the first to report. The great thing about Social Media Today is you can pick and choose which of their many newsletters you’d like to subscribe to, tailoring the delivery to your personal preferences.

Best For:
Social media managers who are obsessed with hearing about the latest news and updates the minute they break.

A smartphone showing an image of Social Media Today newsletter options.

2. Hart & Highland

Why It’s Awesome:
Are you tired of super boring newsletters? Us too. That’s why Hart & Highland should be your go-to weekly roundup. From relevant articles and studies to must-know stats and TikTok trends, this newsletter delivers the weekly goods in a lively and engaging way.

Best For:
Modern-day marketers who are looking for a break from the drab and dreary newsletters that plague their inboxes.

A smartphone showing an image of the Hart & Highland newsletter.

3. Buffer’s Social Media Recap

Why It’s Awesome:
If you’re looking for executable and actionable social media advice, Buffer is your best friend (yes, newsletters can be friends). The Buffer newsletter is similar to others in sharing trends and news, but its tips and experiments truly set it apart from every other piece of content that enters your inbox. On top of all that, Buffer’s conversational and friendly way of writing makes the newsletter easy to follow and much more approachable.

Best For:
Social media managers who are looking for some secret recipes to sprinkle into their work.

A smartphone showing an image of the Buffer newsletter.


Why It’s Awesome:
While not strictly a social media newsletter, TLDR (short for “too long, didn’t read”) offers valuable tech insights. With a mix of news from startups, big tech, AI, coding, and software tools, it’s a great newsletter to pair with your social media research.

Best For:
Brave marketers looking to broaden their horizons beyond social media and understand the vast digital ecosystem and industry.

A smartphone showing an image of the TLDR (too long, long didn't read) newsletter.

Why It’s Awesome:
The Link in Bio newsletter from expert social media consultant Rachel Karten feels very insider. It’s almost like we, as readers, are being let in on a secret. While dozens of newsletters will tell you what posts and campaigns are trending, Rachel goes one step further by interviewing the marketers, strategists, and creatives behind the work.

Best For:
Social media managers looking for their VIP backstage pass to notable brands and campaigns through in-depth interviews and insights.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, our top newsletter picks to keep social media marketers like you in the know. Whether you’re looking for daily updates, in-depth analyses, or actionable tips, there’s a newsletter out there that’s perfect for you.

Ready to take your social media marketing game to the next level? Need help creating a newsletter or launching email marketing for your brand? Our team at That Random Agency is always here to help you navigate everything social, email, and beyond. Reach out to us!

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