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Balancing Personal Social Media as a Social Media Manager

May 8, 2023

If you’ve grown up with social media, you may be unfazed by the countless notifications that you receive throughout the day. Seamlessly moving from platform to platform and learning the latest features is something that comes naturally to you, and you enjoy connecting with your friends, family, or whoever you may meet. But the social media space has become flooded with brands, creators, and celebrities, all the while creating more career opportunities to work within the industry at your 9 to 5. If you’re one of those people (a.k.a. us), you may love your career in social media but find it overwhelming to scroll after hours. We’re here to help you understand what you can do to save your relationship with social media and how to balance the personal and professional sides of it. 

Set Time Limits

One feature available to smartphone users is the ability to set time limits on individual apps and your phone altogether. Whether you need to limit certain apps such as TikTok (we’re all guilty of the doom scroll, it’s okay), or you need a scheduled break, your smartphone’s got your back. If you have an iPhone, visit your settings and find the Screen Time feature; Android users can discover the Digital Wellbeing feature. When you set a time limit, you’ll receive notifications letting you know when you’ve reached your max. Take this as you need it! Setting boundaries is great; knowing your limits can benefit your mental health. 

Reduce Notifications

Reevaluate the notifications that you feel are worth popping up on your lock screen. With so many apps on our phones, the amount of notifications we receive each day can quickly become overwhelming. The good news is you have a few options when it comes to which notifications are worth your attention. There are plenty of options when it comes to limiting your notifications, including how they are displayed on your lockscreen, to how you receive them for individual apps. Take a minute to go through your settings and decide which display is right for you.

Focus Mode

This is a great feature for a variety of circumstances. To silence your phone in a meeting, throughout the workday, putting your phone down for some R&R, or for whichever reason you need, the Focus or Do Not Disturb feature is a viable option. Most smartphones have a Do Not Disturb feature available to you that temporarily shuts off any and all notifications, texts, calls, etc. Don’t want to turn everything off? No worries! You can make exceptions if you need to, but this is a great feature to utilize when you don’t want to be bothered by a buzz or a ding. You can even let your contacts see when your phone is on Do Not Disturb (transparency at its finest!). We’re huge advocates for this feature; just ask our Social Media Specialists. 

Make Your Personal Feed Personal

Want your personal feed to be something you value? Reevaluate the accounts follow. If your professional feed is something you can continue to gain inspiration from, keep up with the latest news, discover other brands, and then keep it to your workself. Think about making your personal feed, well, personal. Consider designating your following to friends, family, and other accounts that bring positivity into your life. This technique can help you better your relationship with social media outside of your career and contribute to the work-life balance we all strive for.

Pro tip: Create an account just for the 9 to 5 you! 

We hope these tips will help all our social media professionals improve their relationships with social media after hours.

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