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4 Creative Approaches for Your Next CTA

February 28, 2023

Whether you’re a social media manager, content creator, or business owner, you understand how important it is to have a strong call to action (CTA) for your audience. But the same Click here! CTA is overused and doesn’t quite speak to a customer like you hope it would. A great CTA needs more depth than that.

Here are four creative CTA approaches that are sure to shake things up a bit:

Graphic of multiple "Click Me!" buttons with mouse cursor hovering over middle.

Provide an Actionable Next Step

Sure, Click Me! and Follow the Link! sound exciting, but they don’t really give us a clue to what will happen. Your audience wants to know where this journey will guide them. Putting an actionable next step in your CTA will show your audience what they can expect. CrazyEgg uses the CTA Show me my Heatmap below to let their customer know what the next step in the process is. Pretty clever. Take a look:

Handle an Objection

Your audience will always have a reason not to follow through with your CTA. Whether it’s because they don’t want to spend money, or they don’t want to spend the time, the objection is in the back of their mind. 

This just means that you can use the CTA to your advantage and handle some of those objections. For example, you can tell your audience in your CTA that no credit card is required or that they can try a demo of your product in just 2 minutes. Here’s a look at how Basecamp handles objection in their simple CTA:

Call to action for Basecamp website.

Show some specifics

Have you ever been invited to a party that you don’t know details about? Maybe you don’t know where it’s at, if it’s formal or casual, or who else is going to be there? Kinda stressful, right?

That same feeling of uncertainty can happen when a CTA fails to show some specifics. In the example below, Netflix gives you a specific number (30 days) to ease your uncertainty:

Call to action for Netflix website.

Demonstrate Empathy

Good copywriting talks to an audience on their personal level. Using this empathy can be a great tool when creating a CTA. 

Everyone has a pain point, and the best thing you can do is acknowledge that pain point. Everyone wants their problems to be heard, right? Look how Metafy points out the problem and empathizes with their customer’s desires:

Call to action for Metafy website.

We hope these unique approaches help you give some fire to your call to actions. If you need more help navigating the social and digital worlds, reach out to us below!

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