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How to Leverage Pinterest for Your Business

July 22, 2022

We’ve already shared why your business needs to be on Pinterest. (Have you read it? Are you on it already? Good!)

Now that you’re there, you may be asking yourself: where do I go from here? How do I grow my business with Pinterest?

Remember that Pinterest is more of a search engine than a social media platform like TikTok or Instagram. Users come to Pinterest to discover new products, recipes, and ideas, rather than purely for socialization or entertainment. So, it’s important to make your Pins as searchable and clear as possible.

Top Tips for Pin Creation

Use SEO in Pin Titles

  • Use important, searchable keywords in the titles for all your Pins! Pinterest is a search engine–make things easy to find.

Text is Best

  • Your text and Pin titles should be central in your visuals. Overlay the title in a large, attractive font over an eye-catching background or image.

Strong Images and Brand Visuals

  • Have a strong visual brand on Pinterest: keep fonts, colors, tone, and images cohesive across your Pins.

Clear Board Descriptions

  • When you create Boards, have a clear and concise description of what the Board will include. Pinners are planners, so help them plan.

Quality over Quantity

  • Pins circulate on Pinterest and have a long shelf-life. It is better to produce fewer, but higher-quality posts on Pinterest, rather than flood your audience.

Use Hashtags

  • We’ll say it again: Pinterest is a search engine. Use relevant and branded hashtags for all your Pins! Tap into trending conversations, categories, and topics.

Solve People’s Problems

  • Present simple, easy-to-achieve solutions to common problems with your Pins: what to buy, what to cook, how to dress, how to decorate, or how to clean, for example.

IGTV and Video

  • Repurpose video content from Instagram and Youtube by sharing it natively through Pinterest.

How to Sell on Pinterest

Influencer Campaigns

  • Partner with active Pinners and have them feature your products.

Shop the Look

  • A hugely useful feature on Pinterest of which you should take full advantage! If you have any product to sell–food, clothing, housewares, accessories–make them easy to buy by linking directly to them in your Pins.

List Items as Individual Pins

  • Share your complete catalog of items as individual pins on Pinterest. When you use Pinterest’s Shop the Look feature, Pinterest will use its AI to correctly match each image in the photo with an image from your catalog.

Claim All Accounts

  • Claim your website, Instagram, Youtube, and other social media accounts on Pinterest, and let your accounts grow synergistically. It will dramatically improve your analytics as well, as Pinterest tracks engagement of Instagram content shared to Pinners’ boards!

Use Product Pins

Organic vs. Paid

  • Organic social can get you far, but invest in paid ads on Pinterest to take your content to new eyes and purchasers.

Looking for help with your Pinterest strategy and content creation? Reach out to us below!

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