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Why Your Business Will Be Better if You Listen to Taylor Swift

December 7, 2021

As the world is taken by storm, yet again, by Taylor Swift, we should all take note of what she, as a businesswoman, keeps getting right. With the re-release of her Red album breaking records and popping up in everyone’s feed Taylor continues to deeply connect to her audience and make an overall impact on the world. By looking closely, it’s obvious why“she listens.

Her fans knew she would be re-releasing her albums, but Red held a special place in their hearts. Not only was it Taylor’s first dip into pop but on social media, since its original release in 2012, the album took on a life of its own (despite being one of her least awarded works). A whole autumnal aesthetic was created around it. The emotional song-writing was worshipped by writers and fans alike. And the longest song on the album, All Too Well, became a fan favorite.

Now nearly ten years later Taylor took back all that feedback and put it into practice with Red (Taylor’s Version). She finished building that universe the fans built around the album. She released the original ten-minute version of All Too Well. She made a short film around the song. She made a music video for a never-heard-before song on the album, I Bet You Think About Me, and left subtle references to the storytelling in other songs.

Taylor embraced public feedback. She took what was important to her audience and let them know she was listening by giving them what they wanted and maybe a little bit more. This not only brought her great success but a deeper, stronger connection with her fans.

In the case of a business, this translates into observing your target audience. What’s important to them? Is there something they’re interested in? Is there something currently happening in the world that matters to them?

Listening to people and taking their opinions into account breeds loyalty and appreciation. It also makes your brand feel smart and human. 

With Red (Taylor’s Version) gathering so much attention in the media and jumping to the top of the charts, brands like Starbucks, Sour Patch Kids and Target took advantage of a huge part of their customer base being fans of Taylor. A lot of them used humor, dishing out jabs to the possible ex-boyfriend that inspired Taylor’s songs.

It all goes back to giving the people what they want. Sometimes it’s not even about your brand, but about forming a community and a genuine bond with your audience. And liking the same things brings people together. Agreeing that All Too Well was a masterpiece that tore us all up is more than enough proof of trustworthiness.

If you’re looking for help building a community around your brand, reach out to our team today. We’re also available to chat about Taylor Swift any time. 

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