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Tips for Going Live on Instagram

September 20, 2021

It might seem a little intimidating at first, but using the Live function on Instagram is perfect for businesses wanting to engage more with their audience. It’s also a great way for followers and customers to hear directly from a brand they love and see a more authentic side of the brand. According to Animoto, video is consumers’ #1 favorite type of content to see from brands on social media. And there’s only one thing better than video”live video! We’ve compiled the best tips for before, during, and after going live on Instagram.

Before Going Live

1. Double check lighting, audio, and location.

Set up for the Live in a place with plenty of natural or bright lighting, and make sure there won’t be any distracting sounds coming through in the video.

2. The 3 Ps: purpose, promote, practice.

Purpose: Define your purpose for going live. Is it to show off a new product or service? Make an exciting announcement about your business? Host a Q&A session? Figure out the point of the video even before promoting it.

Promote: Once you know your purpose for going live, spread the word! Post on your Instagram story and feed or other social media feeds to let people know the details. They can’t show up if they don’t know it’s happening.

Practice: Plan out the structure of your video. Going live on Instagram obviously isn’t as formal as a webinar, but it’s still wise to have an organized flow with clear beginning, middle, and end segments. And don’t forget to practice what you’re going to say! Even if you only have a small audience, you want to sound like you know what you’re talking about (because we’re sure you do).

During the Live

1. Let the audience participate in a Q&A.

During the live broadcast, invite your audience to submit questions. Click on the question mark icon at the bottom of the screen to see viewers’ questions, then answer them live! This is a great way to engage with your audience and be able to give information about your company or product directly and in real time.

2. Shout out audience members.

This one is simple but important”greet your viewers by username as they join and comment. Audience members love to be acknowledged, especially by their favorite brands and influencers. Even if they don’t comment with a question to be answered, let them know you appreciate them watching and thank them for joining.

3. Go live with other participants.

The Live Room feature was just introduced earlier in 2021, and it allows you to go live with up to three other people. Utilize this to invite guests such as industry experts, company partners, or other Instagram creators to join your broadcast. Having others with you in the live video can be more engaging for the viewers and helps expand your reach and audience. Click the video recorder plus-sign icon at the bottom of the screen to invite your guests into the Live Room.

After Going Live

1. Save and share your video.

Once you end your live broadcast, make sure to save it to your camera roll by clicking Download Video on the pop-up screen. From here you can also add your video to IGTV. This allows your followers to go back to your profile and watch it whenever they want. Once you have the video downloaded to your camera roll, you could edit clips from it and post to your feed.

2. Take note of what can be improved.

Did your guests in the Live Room not work well together? Was there distracting noise in the background? Maybe you got off-track while you were answering questions. Find ways to fix the issues you encountered, and plan for your next Instagram live to be even bigger and better next time!

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