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Why Your Business Needs Pinterest in 2021

Allison Andres
July 26, 2021

Marketing strategies and advertising campaigns often forget about Pinterest, but it has the potential to be a more powerful tool for leveraging brand awareness and sales than the more popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Here’s why you need Pinterest in 2021.

Pinterest is a visual-first platform.

Like Instagram, Pinterest is built for sharing photos and videos. But Pinterest is perhaps the most visual of all the social media platforms. The posts, called pins, are displayed on the home and search tabs to show the photo or video as the primary content. Pins can be given titles, descriptions and links to websites, but even those are not fully visible until the individual pin is selected.

Pinterest users are on the platform for this very reason; they are searching for visual inspiration, whether it be for a home DIY project or new recipes to try. This creates a perfect opportunity for businesses to promote their own products or services. There’s much less pressure on writing captions and copy and instead letting the products speak for themselves.

Another aspect of Pinterest’s visual-first platform is their visual search tool. This allows users to see other pins similar to the selected one not based on keywords or hashtags but its visual components.

Users can search for and save pins they like on their boards and even purchase products from the pins right on the platform.

Pinterest is shoppable.

Similar to Instagram’s shopping capabilities, Pinterest now allows users to purchase products straight from the pins. The Pinterest storefront is a great place to increase product sales. While users are searching for visual inspiration for their wardrobe, arts and crafts projects, or any other imaginable needs, they can also shop.

The shopping is made easy, with the price and brand of the product displayed with the pin. Users can click the “Visit” button to access the browser where they can make the purchase.

The shopping capability of Pinterest is a prime way to make sales for businesses that offer consumer products, but businesses that offer services can also be successful on the platform. Tips, how-to’s and recipes, for example, are valuable resources for users that can be created on your company’s Pinterest page.

Pinterest ads go further.

Pinterest allows you to create ads and track analytics on your company’s page, and their study found that ads on Pinterest created 2x higher return on ad spend compared to other social media platforms.

Organic posts can be easily discovered through the search tab and the visual search tool, but paid posts could increase brand awareness and sales even more. Another appealing aspect of promoting your pins is that they blend in to the other pins. This might sound counterintuitive to the purpose of paid ads, but if the promoted pins stood out from the rest of the page too much, users might intentionally ignore them.

Whether businesses decide to utilize organic or paid content on Pinterest, it’s time they realize the unique social platform is not a waste of time or money. Pinterest is a powerful tool for growing your business and exposing your brand to new audiences.

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