Should Your Brand be Using Reddit?

In 2023, you might feel like your brand is adding a new social media channel to your social strategy every month. Apps like Instagram's Threads is one of those new channels that brands have had to adopt pretty quickly.

However, there are several social platforms that have been around for years but are rather underutilized by brands. One of these platforms is Reddit. 

Reddit isn't usually considered as influential as other popular social media platforms, although it deserves to be. The network has over 500 million monthly active users and is one of the most engaged communities on the internet.

What Is Reddit?

To those who have never used Reddit, the platform might look like a confusing mess. But inside that mess lies a world of community and conversation.

Reddit has a forum-style structure, where users can create topic-based posts that other users can interact with. These posts are published in topic-based communities called subreddits. And let us tell you, there is a subreddit for pretty much everything. We even found a subreddit called r/TVTooHigh, where users share pictures of TVs they come across that are too close to the ceiling. The subreddit has over 130k members. It's important work they're doing. 

Each subreddit provides a rich ecosystem for brands to connect with individuals who share similar interests and lifestyles.

How Does Reddit Work?

Here's the bare basics of how Reddit works: every post is published by an OP (original poster) who started it. Users can upvote or downvote posts or comments on Reddit.

Reddit's user-driven nature allows the community to decide what content rises to prominence or falls to unimportance. This system encourages the most engaging and relevant content to reach the top of each subreddit, fostering organic discussions and interactions. Brands can participate in these discussions by posting content, replying to comments, and engaging with the community. However, it's important to approach Reddit with authenticity, transparency, and a genuine desire to contribute to the conversation.

3 Ways Brands Can Use Reddit

Now that we have a grasp of Reddit's essence, let's explore three effective ways in which brands can utilize this platform:

Understanding Your Audience

Like we've mentioned before, Reddit is full of user-driven opinions and conversations. A lot of these conversations could be relevant to your brand. But you have to know where to look.

Many subreddits on the platform are geared towards users asking questions. This is a great opportunity for brands to learn what pain points their audience or potential audience has. For example, let's say your brand is a financial institution. You could visit subreddits adjacent to your brand, such as r/FinancialPlanning, to see what questions users are most commonly asking.

Running Ask Me Anything (AMA) Sessions

AMAs are very popular on Reddit. These posts are designed as a live Q&A format with the purpose of connecting an expert on a particular subject with a community of individuals who share a common interest. As users post their questions in the thread comments, the AMA host can reply. It's a simple yet amazing way to increase brand visibility and humanize your brand.

Here's an example of an AMA the CEO of Nissan and Renault did. The AMA resulted in over 4,000 comments!

Discovering User-Generated Content

If you're mining for user-generated content (UGC), Reddit just might be your gold mine. Because of Reddit's structure, it's the perfect home for product photos, testimonials, and reviews.

For example, check this post from a happy customer on the r/Fender (Fender Guitars) subreddit:

Is Reddit Worth It?

While this blog post lists several advantages for brands, it's smart to consider the potential challenges when it comes to Reddit. Because the site is very user-driven, brand interaction on the platform can often come across as inauthentic. While brands reign supreme on platforms like Instagram and Twitter (and now Threads), many Reddit users see their platform as one of the last unblemished spots on the internet. No pressure.

Our suggestion is to use Reddit as an opportunity to listen to your audience, rather than promote. Who knows? Perhaps Reddit is the key you need to truly understand what and how your audience thinks.

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Think Outside The Box: 3 Social Media Strategies to Increase Engagement

Social media is no longer optional -- it's necessary.

When it comes to social media, you'll either have a lot of success engaging with customers, or little results for content you thought would thrive. But as long as you're posting, your social media will excel, right? It's not always that simple. Sometimes you have to look outside the box to find a strategy that works. Here are 3 tactics to help increase engagement on your social media.

Explore the World of Reddit AMA 

When you think of Reddit, what do you think of? Internet trolls? Know-it-alls? What a lot of companies might not realize is that Reddit's AMA (Ask Me Anything) is an easy resource that, when used correctly, can actually help your business develop an identity through community and dive into some pretty interesting and fun conversations. 

Now, you might be asking, how? Well, the key is to pitch your topic as being deserving of an AMA. A lot of the time you'll find actors, musicians, politicians, scientists, and celebrity figures hosting AMAs, but it's pretty common for regular users to host as well. 

For example, in this AMA from 2015 a small business owner left his job to develop his own software company. While that might not be as captivating as someone like Elon Musk hosting an AMA, there is a huge audience on the platform who are dying to read and listen to stories about regular folks who have riveting stories to share. Promoting your AMA's on socials could bring in interested users / potential customers and allow them the opportunity to ask questions about you or your business.

Learn the Art of GIFs and Memes.

Unless you've been living under a rock since 2012, you should know that GIFs and memes have become the language of the modern internet. So how do we implement this phenomenon in a way that feels relatable to your audience instead of cringey?

First, you have to understand your audience. Are you trying to appeal to one generation or multiple? Not every type of humor is going to connect with all generations, so you should make sure you know who your GIF or meme is meant to target. 

Secondly, know what kind of GIF/meme you want to make. 

Traditional: GIF/Memes are common memes you see when scrolling through social media. They usually contain mainstream images or clips from a scene from a television show or movie, a notable celebrity, images of animals, or a viral image. They often connect to the latest popular trends, hot topics of conversation, and even current events.

Dank: GIF/Memes involve outlandish or out-of-context jokes that walk the line of dark and light humor. Dank memes tend to parody traditional memes by applying them in a way that's new and a little unorthodox. Dying or out-of-date memes are often chosen to fulfill this role. 

Edgy: Edgy GIF/Memes usually entail dark humor that is designed to push social norms and shock its audiences.

Wholesome: Wholesome GIF/Memes tend to be less about humor and instead focus on a positive and uplifting message.

Finally, it's time to design your GIF/Meme. There are hundreds of websites that make it easy to design and create GIFs and Memes. A lot of GIF/Meme design websites such as or are free to use and already have preloaded templates for users to edit and re-word however they want. OR if you want to make your own meme from scratch, they also provide users with the resources to turn their photos and videos into the next viral trend! (Here's to hoping right? 🤞)

Take advantage of Poll features.

One of Twitter and LinkedIn's underused features is Polls. 

Polls are a quick and easy way to get followers to engage and interact with your company (not to mention a way for you to get insight on your industry). The options are endless. Some creative uses include letting followers make decisions for you, voting on an item to go on sale, or asking opinions on current events occuring in the industry. 

And the even better part? POLLS GENERATE COMMENTS! Everyone has an opinion, so if you manage to ask the right question, followers and even non-followers will likely be influenced to explain why they voted the way they did, present you with detailed information, and open up conversations on the topic at hand. No matter the industry, polls are the way to go.

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