A Guide to Influencer Marketing: The 5 Ws

When considering the world of Influencer Marketing, the process can seem daunting and make you second guess if it's worth the path not yet taken. That's why we're here, to help guide you on your influencer marketing journey. So buckle up, it's going to be an interesting ride!

What to Know About Influencer Marketing

Here's what you need to know about the current influencer marketing atmosphere before you dive in head first Influencer marketing involves the collaboration between a brand and an online ˜influencer' who partners to promote a product, service or experience..

Globally, there are currently between 3.2 million and 37.8 million influencers across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. These influencers can be categorized based on their size of following, industry, social platforms, and more. A common misunderstanding of influencer marketing is that the said influencer has to be a high-profile individual or celebrity. Surprise! There are all kinds and levels of influencers out there. 

To simplify it, here's a basic run-down used to classify influencers based on their follower count: 

Knowing where an influencer ranks on this list is important because it can affect multiple key aspects of your campaign goals (we'll get into that later).

Influencers can have a cross-platform influence, but there is usually one platform that they tend to dominate. In the earlier years of influencer marketing, YouTube was the go-to platform for influencers (ever heard of vlogs?). But as social media platforms grew and kept adding new features, influencers began to find followers on other channels. Here is a chart from Influencer Marketing Hub that shows the recent flux of channel utilization in the influencer world: 

We'll touch on one last bit of information we feel you need to know: the categorization of influencers. Just like we have our own fields, influencers have their own niche. Some like to cook, some are make-up gurus, and you may find yourself even watching someone golf on TikTok at some point in this journey. There are a plethora of categories that influencers can fall into. Check out some of these types of influencers from ViralMango

So now that you know the basics of influencer marketing, let's get into it.

Why Consider Influencer Marketing

It's no secret that the world of influencer marketing has grown immensely, and it has no intention of slowing down. Standing at $9.7 billion in 2020 to $16.4 billion in 2022, the growth in this industry can't be denied.

You may be asking yourself, but is this really something I need to be involved in? Here are a few stats that might help you understand why influencer marketing makes a difference: 

Convinced? Yeah, us too. Let's continue on to gain a further understanding of what it takes to incorporate an influencer into your campaign.

When to Consider an Influencer

Just because your friend's hiring an influencer, does that mean you should too? Influencer marketing can be a great way to see results in your next campaign when done right (the keyword here is done right). Two great reasons to use an influencer to supplement your campaign are when your campaign goals are to 1) elevate brand awareness and 2) increase sales.

  1. Elevate Brand Awareness
  1. Increase Sales

A prime example of a company utilizing influencers to both elevate brand awareness and increase sales is the fitness brand, Gymshark. From the beginning, Gymshark utilized its ˜athletes' to reach its target audience online and promote its products. 

Owner, Ben Francis, understood their target audience as it was anyone like himself “ a young gym-goer who not only loves going to the gym but wants to look good while doing it. Francis and his friends had the great idea to leverage the following of their favorite fitness YouTubers, Lex Griffin and Chris Lavado. They sent over some free clothing samples and the rest was history. Now, Gymshark has partnered with dozens of fitness influencers and athletes, since growing to a billion-dollar company.

Gymshark Athletes

Who is Right For You

It's important to really narrow down your ideal influencer when choosing one for your campaign. Here are some questions to keep in mind when searching for the right influencer for you:

Where to Find Your Influencers

So, you want to find an influencer. There are plenty of tools and resources for you to find just the right influencer for your campaign.

Hashtag Search Example

This first method is the simplest way to start: Google! Run a quick Google search for influencers or experts on your specific topic or industry. You can find a decent amount of influencers this way, especially if you're looking for one with a large following. 

Another way to find influencers is to do a hashtag search “ This can be useful mainly on Instagram and TikTok. Influencers will utilize specific hashtags tailored to their niche and audience, so this is a great way to weed through the giant field of influencers.

Check your own following! You might find an influencer hiding in your own follower number. Bonus points here if they're already following you; chances are they're interested in your brand and/or products which will make the partnership even easier to integrate for both parties. 

Use an online influencer-finding tool. There are plenty of tools out there that can help you find influencers. They allow you to refine your searches based on various factors that will help you really understand who can help elevate your campaign. If you want to skip the 'dirty' work of a Google search or social media platform, this is definitely the route for you. Here's a list of tools courtesy of Influencer Marketing Hub that will help you find the right influencer. 

We hope these 5 W's will help you ease into the world of influencer marketing. Need help? Good thing you're already here! We have a team that's versed in influencer marketing and ready to help you elevate your campaign. Contact us!

How Can You Use Twitch To Market Your Business?

When you hear the word Twitch what do you think of? Live streaming? Video Games? Unless you're already a successful content creator, business opportunities may not be the first thing that come to mind but it should be! 

Originally designed for gamers, the Amazon-owned platform has recently made a big shift into all different categories, from politics to music, and even sports. Have a talent or passion you want to share with the world? This is a platform designed for building communities!

Here's how you can use Twitch to take your business to the next level.

Build Your Brand

Twitch can open you and your company up to engaging with potential and current customers. For example, the 1,000 Dreams Fund non-profit did a partnership with Twitch where they were able to introduce an entirely new audience to their brand. 

In the partnership they offered some female Twitch streamers currently attending university grants to assist with their educational expenses. Twitch promoted the content on its social media channels, helping drive awareness for their brand. 

Influencer Marketing Opportunities

Twitch has more than 15 million daily unique visitors with an average watchtime of 95 minutes of content every day. The platform is literally designed for connection and community building which is the perfect environment for influencer marketing strategies to thrive. In recent years, Twitch and TikTok are the only social media platforms that have seemed to increase focus on influencer marketing. Meanwhile, more traditional platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have only seen a decline. 

Finding the right Twitch influencer to partner with is a great way to expose your brand to an established community of loyal followers. 

Unlike other platforms, Twitch looks at interaction much differently. Both the streamer and the audience get to see the chat and engage with each other in real time and hold a one-on-one discussion. This is especially great for gaining feedback on a company or product as well as learning about your audience.

Create Your Own Content

Behind Closed Doors

Consumers are often curious about what goes on behind the scenes of their favorite brand, so why not give them a little taste? Is there something exciting happening at the office or a work event? Want to show the world what it's like to be a CEO? Set up your camera and take them along for the ride!

Q&A Session

Whether you have a topic in mind or not; Just Chatting is a great category for your viewer to get to know you. If you're nervous about low attendance, you can always request questions in advance and have some in your back pocket just in case. Once you establish a regular schedule, it'll be easier to get questions and viewers on a regular basis. (NOTE: Even if viewers missed your live stream, they will be able to watch a rerun VOD”Video On Demand”on your main page.)

Online Classes / Webinars

 If your business model contains any educational aspects, running an online class or holding a webinar are great ways to build your audience. If your audience likes what they learn, it provides you with the opportunity to connect them to your landing page where they can find more of your content. Think of it like a free sample. You can also repurpose your VOD recordings for clips and content on other social platforms or newsletters.

While Twitch can be an intimidating platform for marketers or business owners to include in their content strategy, those who are willing to put in the effort to build a community have gotten encouraging results. Even though live streaming is now a prominent feature on multiple social platforms, Twitch's ability to customize the user and viewers' experience truly makes it the best. 

Interested in putting your business on Twitch? Connect with us by sending a message below!

5 TikTok Features to Help Your Business Thrive

With approximately 1 billion active monthly users worldwide, TikTok is one of the most influential apps in the marketing world right now. In just a few short years the app has become a globally diverse ecosystem of culture and people looking to digest all types of entertaining content. While some people may look at TikTok and only see Gen Z dancing to choreographed routines or light comedy skits, many businesses are taking advantage of its wide range of audience to grow and promote their own company. 

As I'm sure any good business owner would tell you, success in any format doesn't come easily. It takes hard work and knowledge to figure out how to connect with customers and create something that they authentically want (and keep coming back for).

Here are 5 TikTok features to help your business thrive:

Filter your comments!

This TikTok feature can be accessed through the Settings and Privacy tab. Go to Privacy and click on Comments to add any beneficial filters. The menu brings up an option to enter keywords and phrases that you wish to be automatically blocked from your content. 

While feedback is important, we all know that the internet is full of trolls so this feature can be helpful for avoiding triggers or dangerous language. Another cool thing is that this feature has multiple language options besides English. A similar feature can filter commenters themselves. To go one step farther, the menu even has a Who Can Comment On My Videos tab that has the option to restrict comments on your content to friends or family.

You can Dislike videos!

A lot of people agree that the TikTok formula does an awesome job at figuring out what kinds of videos you enjoy and customizing your For You page, but did you know that you can take matters into your own hands?

To start, you can dislike any videos that appear on the app's For You page by holding your finger down on the video and selecting the option titled Not interested on the menu. Disliking a video tells the app that you don't want to see similar videos and can help customize your feed better to the content that you want to see. 

Another tool for further control is Restricted Mode, which helps to prevent your feed from recommending videos that might be risque or inappropriate. In order to activate this mode just tap your Profile at the bottom right and click on the three-line menu at the top right. This should bring up a menu where you can then click the Settings and privacy. From there go to Content preferences, tap Restricted Mode, and Turn on Restricted Mode. (Note that you will need to enter your passcode in order to enable this feature.)

Go Live!

TikTok LIVE is a feature that allows you to stream live broadcasts to your followers and others on the app who may be interested in your content. Live streaming tends to improve engagement rates and gives you the opportunity to engage with your followers on the platform in real-time. You can answer questions, read out your viewers' comments, and even play games together. This feature can help you to create a much stronger connection with your audience all while building a community.

Here are some features that can help to boost engagement during your next live stream:

You need Stitches!

Instead of there being a split-screen like the duet feature, Stitches play a few seconds of another creator's video (usually as a reference point) and allow you to connect your own video to it. Stitching is commonly used to respond to a video or add a follow-up to a thought or idea. 

For example, you might post a video on how to grow an audience on social media, and you find that another creator has a great video on talking about the same subject. With Stitches, you can take a short clip of that creator's video, add it to your own post and say This creator has made good points, and here are some things I want to add. Tell me your thoughts in the comments.

TikTok Stories

Similar to Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, TikTok has jumped on the trend of allowing users to create ˜Stories.' TikTok Stories are great for sharing quick thoughts that you don't want to make a regular video for, or content you only want to last for a short period of time. 

A blue ring will also appear around your profile picture, indicating to your audience that they can tap to view your Stories. TikTok stories allow you to see who has viewed your stories and who has reacted and commented. 

To create a Story, click on the Post button at the bottom of the navigation bar and swipe to the Story option. From there you can either record a video on the spot or upload one from your camera roll. Similar to regular TikTok videos, you can edit your stories, then tap the Post to story to upload.

There is no doubt that TikTok is the app to be on. Whether you're building a brand or making a community, taking advantage of all the amazing features is going to help you get to where you strive to be. Check out these examples from five brands that are killing it on TikTok.

Looking for a way to help your business's TikTok thrive? Connect with us by sending a message below!