Your C-Suite Needs to Be On Social Media

Random begs, encourages, implores you: get your leadership team on social media. Even if your company already has a robust social presence, your leadership team needs their own. Here's why.

Employee Advocacy

In case you missed it on the Random blog, we wrote a whole post on why employee advocacy is key for your company's growth. Let your leaders lead on social media as well“it will inspire employee engagement with the advocacy program, demonstrate the initiative's importance, and model behavior.

Thought Leaders

Buzzy term, but it matters. Leadership can establish themselves as top-of-mind, influential, and trusted sources of information through a conscious social media presence, boosting company prestige and their own marketability.

Company Character

As more and more businesses flood the market, consumers and collaborators alike want to know: why buy from your company? Why work with your company? The ethos and character exemplified by your leadership on social media will influence those integral decisions. 78% of employees prefer to work with a company whose C-Suite is active on social!

Brand Loyalty

Humans love humans, and people prefer to buy from a face or presence they recognize and enjoy. 82% of consumers are more likely to trust a company whose C-Suite is on social and 77% are more likely to buy.

For Executives Who Hate Social Media

Don't worry, we see you, and we understand.

  1. It doesn't need to be personal.
    Your life is your own, and you don't always need to be on! Keep your private life private.
  2. It doesn't need to be clever.
    Social media, communications, or PR teams can curate and recommend posts and content for C-Suite members to share.
  3. It doesn't need to be a constant stream.
    Have a consistent weekly posting cadence, but no need to stress about being Gary Vee and posting multiple times a day, every day. He is an outlier!

If you need help building a social media strategy for your leadership team (or your business as a whole), give us a shout below.