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March 14, 2024
How a TikTok Ban Could Impact Social Media Marketing

The digital sphere thrives on innovation and connectivity, and few platforms embody this spirit quite like TikTok.  However, recent legislative moves have cast a shadow over its future.  Beyond its implications for individual users, the potential ban raises significant questions about the future landscape of social media marketing.  What Would the Bill Do? On Wednesday, March 13, […]

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January 23, 2024
Random Presents: 2023 Social Media Wrapped

As we bid farewell to 2023 and head into 2024, it’s time to reflect on the whirlwind of events that shaped the social landscape this past year. From the rise of artificial intelligence to new social platforms, the year was plenty noteworthy (and a bit hectic if you ask us). In this blog post, we’ll delve into the defining moments of 2023 and offer a glimpse into what we can expect in the upcoming year.

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July 21, 2023
How “De-Influencing” Might Affect Influencer Marketing

In the ever-evolving world of social media marketing, trends come and go, shaping the way brands and influencers connect with their audiences. One such trend that has recently captured the attention of marketing professionals is the concept of “de-influencing.”

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June 1, 2023
Why Do Social Media Platforms Copy Each Other?

It’s not uncommon to find similarities between various platforms in the dynamic world of social media. From layout and design to features and functionality, social media platforms frequently seem to copy one another.

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October 28, 2022
5 TikTok Features to Help Your Business Thrive

With approximately 1 billion active monthly users worldwide, TikTok is one of the most influential apps in the marketing world right now. While some people may look at TikTok and only see Gen Z dancing to choreographed routines or light comedy skits, many businesses are taking advantage of its wide range of audience to grow and promote their own company.
Here are 5 TikTok features to help your business thrive.

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