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Mastering the Art of Podcast Trailers: A Beginner's Guide

April 4, 2024
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Podcast trailers are the ultimate teaser for your show, creating anticipation among your audience. Think of it as your first impression with your potential listeners; one that should hook your audience and engage them enough to explore more of your episodes. 

Let’s break down the essentials of crafting a compelling podcast trailer that leaves listeners eager to hit that subscribe button.

Keep It Concise 

Your podcast trailer should clock in shorter than a full episode, aiming for around 60 seconds or less. 

The goal? To provide a sneak peek into what your podcast is all about and leave your audience craving more.Here’s an example of a podcast trailer from REACH that hooks listeners, lists topics explored in the show, and includes clips from episodes, all in one minute.

Let's Talk Content

Your trailer should cover these essential elements:

  • Your podcast's name
  • A brief introduction of yourself
    • What is your title? What gives you the credibility to host this show?
  • A snapshot of what your show is about
    • What topics do you cover? What guests do you often have on the show?
  • Your target audience
    • Who do you imagine as your perfect listener? Appeal to them in the trailer. 
  • Where and when your show can be found
    • Which platforms can listeners find your podcast? When are new episodes released?
  • A clear call to action. 
    • Remind listeners to subscribe to your podcast on their favorite platforms to ensure they don't miss out on episodes when they drop.

It might take a bit of practice to hit each of these points in a minute-long trailer, but here’s a great example from Good Inside to take inspiration from:

Inject Personality!

Your podcast trailer sets the tone for your entire show, so let your creativity shine. 

Whether your podcast is light-hearted and upbeat or serious and informative, infuse your trailer with clips from future episodes, music, sound effects, and anything else that reflects the vibe of your podcast.Here’s a great example of a podcast trailer from The Journal that immediately hooks listeners by revealing the purpose and tone of the show, including clips from their future episodes. 

Crafting the perfect podcast trailer is a blend of art and strategy. Keep it short, sweet, and engaging, ensuring it leaves a lasting impression on your audience. 

Need help mastering your podcast trailer? Reach out to us at That Random Agency today, and let's make your podcast debut one to remember!

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