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Meet Toni, Our Newest Social Media Intern

July 1, 2021

Say “hi” to our second Social Media Intern, Toni! We asked her a few Q & A questions to get to know her…

First, the obvious question: Why did you choose Random Agency?

My passion and interest in life is pursuing narratives in all forms. I chose Random because their curated randomness creates an amazingly dynamic creative environment in which I can explore new things while contributing to interesting client projects. 

Tell us three cool things about yourself.

I’ve been scuba diving in Australia, I’ve shot a bow and arrow (poorly), and my full name (first, middle, last) is longer than the English alphabet.

Favorite TV show?

Definitely Community. It’s a self-aware show that continuously pushes its own artistic and conceptual limits, as well as those of the audience. Plus, what’s not to love about Donald Glover and Danny Pudi?

If money was no object, where would you go and what would you do?

My friend and I once made a pact that if we were to become wealthy, we would move to Massachusetts and run a cranberry bog. But if I’m not bogging it up, I would buy a boat and scuba dive in the most remote locations all around the world. 

What’s in your refrigerator right now?

Pomegranate kombucha, green grapes, and bagels. All the major food groups.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

My superpower would be to pick up and retain the skills for new editing/design/production software, without the hours of agonizing pain. 

What’s your favorite childhood memory?

I don’t remember my childhood very well, but I distinctly remember having one of the best naps of my life underneath a table. 

Name one thing you wish you could do better.

I wish I could parallel park. Any amount of improvement would be a major help. 

Which three things would you take to a desert island?

Just the essentials: a utility knife, a Life Straw, and an XL bag of black licorice. 

What is the last book you read?

The last book I read was The Mark of Athena by Rick Riorden because I’m on a major ˜revisit my childhood’ kick right now. I think it reveals a lot to know that I was a hard-core Riorden fan growing up. 

What is your favorite account to follow on Instagram?

I find @pablitatheduck a constant source of sheer joy. She’s a duck. I have nothing else to add. 

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