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How to Choose a Podcast Topic

With over 2 million active podcasts in the world, choosing a unique topic for your own podcast is crucial. People want something new and something that has never been done before. Choosing a topic, then, is much harder than it sounds. We have tips on how to choose the right topic for your podcast.

BeReal on the Rise

No likes, no influencers, no edits. BeReal is a recently popularized app making it’s way up the ladder in the world of Gen Z and social media.

A Guide to LinkedIn Employee Advocacy

LinkedIn Employee Advocacy isn’t exactly what it sounds like; while we at Random are all for providing people with ample benefits, robust lines of communication, and developing a healthy work-life balance, employee advocacy on LinkedIn is about your employees advocating for your business.

Pop-Culture Potential: A Brand Guide

Pop-culture is a quick moving, not-so-well-oiled machine, it can be actually quite chaotic, but that’s the world we live in and you better be ready for the ride! Keeping up to date with the latest trends is a job in itself and who really wants more work hours? However, with Gen Z as the up-and-coming…

5 LGBTQ Podcasts You Need in Your Life

Happy Pride Month! These 30 days are about honoring the past and current contributions LGBTQ people have made to our world. Visibility is crucial for both finding community and celebrating individuality. Queer people being able to share their stories is one of the most powerful forms of visibility, and podcasts are one of the most powerful platforms for storytelling we have today.

Whether you’re a history nerd or obsessed with pop culture, here are 5 of the best LGBTQ podcasts you need in your life this Pride Month (and year-round, really).

How to Use Reels if You Hate Being On Camera

Whether you’re a small business or an individual creative, social media like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook provide ample opportunities to expand your audience. Instagram Reels is a short-form video feature and a fairly new addition to Instagram’s line-up of tools. Video content has proven to capture and hold an audience’s attention better than photo or…

Why Your Business Will Be Better if You Listen to Taylor Swift

As the world is taken by storm, yet again, by Taylor Swift, we should all take note of what she, as a businesswoman, keeps getting right. With the re-release of her Red album breaking records and popping up in everyone’s feed Taylor continues to deeply connect to her audience and make an overall impact on…


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