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5 Things To Do When Editing A Podcast

The world of podcasting has expanded beyond belief, becoming a diverse and dynamic method through which people can share new stories with the world. Podcasting is relatively accessible, with basic equipment, editing programs, and hosting software being a small but worthy investment. For those who are interested in starting a podcast or are already in the midst of things, here are five general things to do and keep in mind while editing. 

What are Google Web Stories?

What are Google Web Stories? Web Stories on Google are immersive, full-screen experiences that appear within Google search and Google Discover. The stories are hosted on your own website and powered by AMP technology (open-source HTML framework). This is different from stories on Facebook or Instagram because they exist on the Google platform and your…

How To Use Hashtags on Facebook

Since its creation, the hashtag has become a centerpiece of social media. Hashtags allow your posts to be searchable and more visible, so they should be a staple in your social media strategy. You may already know how to use them on Instagram and Twitter, but you might be asking: what’s the deal with hashtags on Facebook? We’ve got answers.

Is Clubhouse Dead?

Despite a recent decline in downloads, Clubhouse has nevertheless had an impact on social media. Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify have all introduced live audio features. Based on these initiatives, it’s safe to say group audio isn’t going to disappear soon, even if its preeminence may be short-lived.

Tips for Going Live on Instagram

It might seem a little intimidating at first, but using the Live function on Instagram is perfect for businesses wanting to engage more with their audience. It’s also a great way for followers and customers to hear directly from a brand they love and see a more authentic side of the brand. According to Animoto, video is consumers’ #1 favorite type of content to see from brands on social media. And there’s only one thing better than video—live video! We’ve compiled the best tips for before, during, and after going live on Instagram.

Meet Emily, Our Newest Social Media Intern

Say “hi” to Emily, Random Agency’s new Social Media Marketing Intern! We can’t wait to get to know her…and what better way to do that than a Q & A? First, the obvious question: Why did you choose Random Agency? I was excited that Random Agency is woman-owned and I was intrigued by the well-organized…

5 Best Websites for Free Podcast Music

With the meteoric rise in podcast popularity, integrating music into your episodes is more important than ever. From Beethovan to Billie Elish, music is a transcendental method of communication. We hum the opening to Beethovan’s 5th Symphony, radio jingles, and our favorite pop refrains. Check out these free music sites and give your podcast the…

How to Start Building an Email List for Your Business

Having an abundant email list for your business is a powerful form of owned media that you can leverage to create more loyal customers and increase sales. Social media is important to creating brand awareness, but having an even more direct way to communicate with both your potential and existing customers is essential.

How to Increase Your Instagram Following

There are currently over one billion active users on Instagram. Whether you’re running an account for your small business or for a large company, the question is this: how do you stand out and gain followers? Of course, having a ton of followers doesn’t necessarily guarantee more engagement or loyal fans, but naturally building your presence can help you get there. We’ve compiled the best tips on how to organically grow your Instagram following.


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