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Who bring our whole selves and give it our all every day, but don’t take ourselves too seriously.

This is Lauren

Co-Founder and CEO

Lauren is an experienced entrepreneur with a passion for social media strategy and podcasting. After years in the traditional agency world, she grew tired of the same ol’ same. Thus, Random was born.

Random Fact: Lauren won multiple gold medals while competing with her college rowing team.

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This is John

Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer

John has over 15 years of social media, content strategy, and SEO experience. As a pioneer in social media marketing John has worked with the most recognizable brands in the world. His experience in both retail and brand means that he understands how to tell great stories and earn results regardless of brand or budget.

Random Fact: John’s work has won numerous Shorty and Webby awards while also being featured on prominent social sites like Social Media Examiner and Social Media Today.

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This is Ryan

Director of Marketing

Ryan has over 10 years of social media, content strategy, digital marketing, and people management experience. Ryan has worked with numerous national and international brands, spending the last 9 years working in both the franchise and real estate marketing space. Ryan’s history as a creative and journalistic writer is leaned upon heavily as a content creator. His passion for culture, empathy and understanding clients and coworkers as human beings first is what makes him an asset to our team. Finally, Ryan loves organization, and works hard to build structured solutions to impact both his team and clients.

Random Fact: Ryan is a musician and has toured the world and released countless albums with many of his projects over the years. If you look hard enough, you can find him on Spotify.

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This is Stefany

Account Executive

Stefany has worked in the Marketing/Advertising world for her entire professional career. Working in both the agency and in-house side, Stefany has experience with various industries like CPG, Fitness, Health/Wellness, Corporate DEI/CSR, Luxury Jewelry, Medical, and more. With a background in both account management and project management, her strongest characteristics include organizing teams and processes to promote measurable and calculated successes.

Random Fact: Stefany has a lifetime goal to visit all the U.S. National Parks.

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This is Nicole

SEO Strategist

Nicole has spent the last nearly 20 years working in digital advertising and marketing, helping brands to market themselves online. She has led the digital transformation of multiple B2B and DTC brands, even converting traditionally lead-gen websites to eCommerce. She nerds out over SEO, SEM, KPIs, eCom, and letter kerning.

Random Fact: Nicole is a certified yoga instructor.

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This is Allison

Senior Social Media Marketing Specialist

Allison is a social media lover with a passion for writing and designing. She has created content for doctors, business owners, law firms, publicists, nonprofits, companies in the auto and food industries, and more. She’s always excited to help clients tell their stories, reach new audiences, and make meaningful connections in the digital world.

Random Fact: Allison is a poet with published work in numerous literary magazines and the online pages of popular publishers, like Button Poetry.

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This is Emily

Senior Social Media Marketing Specialist

Emily is a recent Advertising and Public Relations graduate with a passion for design and social media. Through college courses, internships, and freelance experience, she is versed in various fields of marketing and communications. She’s excited to continue elevating brands and assist them in reaching their audiences.

Random Fact: Through a non-traditional college journey, Emily has studied fields such as law and biomedical sciences, until she ultimately found her true passion in Advertising and Public Relations.

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This is Sam

Social Media Marketing Specialist

Sam is a recent Communications graduate with a keen interest in design and copywriting. Though still young in his professional career, Sam has created content for brands in the food, banking, and medical industries. He loves the challenge of crafting content that pops on social media. 

Random Fact: Sam lived in Argentina for two years and is fluent in Spanish. He hopes to explore more of South America in the future.

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This is Shelby

Social Media Marketing Specialist

Shelby is a recent Advertising & Public Relations graduate with a deep love for artistic expression, imagination, and people. Since 2019, she has been creating content that can be seen in the coffee, real estate, nonprofit, and music industries. She is passionate about and looks forward to the opportunity to produce content that helps others express themselves and their unique purpose in life.

Random Fact: In 2022, Shelby earned her university’s Outstanding Graduate in Advertising/Public Relations award.

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This is Brandon

Social Media Analyst

Brandon is a recent graduate in both Data Analytics and Statistics with a passion for creating actionable insights through the ambiguities of data. After years of practice in computational statistics and programming, he is ready to leverage data of varying forms and communicate information to all audiences.

Random Fact: Brandon had the option to play college basketball before deciding to double down in academics.

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This is Joan

PR Consultant

Joan Frank is a savvy PR professional with over 25 years of experience. She works with clients big and small to help increase visibility and awareness for their brands. Joan is our go-to partner for media pickup, podcast interviews, and PR campaigns for our clients.

Random Fact: Joan’s favorite ice cream flavor is Blue Moon. Is it for kids? Maybe. Is it delicious? Always.

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