The new standard: The Lionsgate Tiktok

“I’m real” reads the bio of one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world. And that might just be the best thing about it. Currently, at 3.2 million followers and 57.6 million likes, we’ve seen few brands as successful as Lionsgate on Tiktok. 

Nobody knows who runs it, but we don’t really have to. Every single post shows so much humor and personality we might as well be friends. 

Focusing on all of its most popular movies the account uses viral sounds and follows trends right on time, exploiting them before we all get tired of them. 

It’s the beauty of Tiktok. The app is never-ending. New content is coming in all day, every day. Every time we go on we laugh out loud at something new. 

Lionsgate in particular demonstrates there’s a real human, who thinks like we do, evidently, because (for the most part) it makes content about things we’re all already thinking about. 

By using already popular sounds and trends Lionsgate is giving its most popular movies a new life and breeding fandom within young audiences due to its incredibly funny content. 

  • They don’t take themselves too seriously
  • Show personality through videos
  • Aren’t afraid to be self-deprecating or cringe at their own movies

Not all of us have pop culture, iconic films like Twilight to use on our content, but I still think we can all take away many things from Lionsgate’s Tiktok account. Especially if you’re a brand/company trying to target a younger demographic. 

Use humor

Whether it be sarcasm, self-deprecation, or a downright roast of yourself. You choose whatever you’re most comfortable with and what fits your product and brand best. By steeping your social media content with personality (especially humor) and caring about your audience, any brand stands a much higher chance of attracting the younger generation and keeping them as long-time consumers. 

Don’t forget your soul

At this point, we’ve seen so many brands and companies create content that requires a full-on production, that looks beautiful but has zero humanity infused into it. The younger the people you’re trying to target are, the quicker they will judge you by your reliability. 

Tell a story

Particularly on an app like Tiktok you have the chance of getting away with telling the same story in a new way, every day. By using trends, the short video format, and the number of parodies already running rampant over there, possibilities are literally endless.

If you’re ready to bring your brand to life on TikTok, give us a shout! Our team would love to help.

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